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VizMetrics provides Portfolio Recipes to create easy-to-manage portfolios that can lower risk and improve your return.

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‚ÄčEach recipe is fully analyzed using a wide range of risk and return metrics.

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The VizMetrics Free Trial subscription includes complete access to almost 300 Portfolio Recipes, Income Funds, and Tactical Asset Allocation Funds, including the following:

Portfolio Recipes

29 Tactical Portfolio Recipes 
These dynamic recipes use exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and are ready for easy, do-it-yourself investing.

  • These include a variety of investment methods, including Adaptive, Risk-Driven, Minimum Correlation, Maximum Diversification, Target Return, and Risk/Reward.
  • These portfolio recipes are updated monthly.
  • 12 "Ready-to-Go" Portfolio Recipes are available for quick-and-easy investing at FolioInvesting.com. With just a few clicks each month, you can rebalance your portfolio according to the latest portfolio recipe allocation.

31 Strategic Portfolio Recipes
These static recipes use Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) for easy, do-it-yourself investing.

  • These recipes are based on a range of investing approaches, including Balanced, High-Equity, Low-Equity, Lazy Portfolios, and strategies from famous investors.
  • ‚ÄčFull risk and return analytics are generated each month for all of these Portfolio Recipes

240 Tactical Managed Funds
These portfolios are professionally managed mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.

  • These funds allow you to buy an "all-in-one" fund that uses a particular investment approach.
  • The investment approaches cover a wide range of methods, including Multi-Income strategies, Equity Income, Floating Rate, Global Equity, Multi-Strategy, Tax-Exempt, Global/Macro, Blended, Risk & Momentum, Arbitrage, Long/Short, Absolute Return, and Market Neutral strategies.

Portfolio Comparison Tools

For each of the VizMetrics Portfolio Recipes and Managed Funds, we provide detailed comparisons with risk and return metrics, including the following:

  • Risk vs. Return. Choose a portfolio that balances risk and return according to your preferences.
  • Total Return. Compare the historical and annual total return for each portfolio.
  • Risk and volatility. See key metrics for measuring the variability and potential loss for each portfolio.
  • Correlation. See how each portfolio moves in relation to five leading asset classes.

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